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USACH receives the visit of General Director of the Economics and Cultural Office of Taipei, Taiwan in Chile

The meeting took place in the context of an informative talk about scholarships and study opportunities that the Taiwanese representation offered to USACH students inside the auditorium of the Rector Eduardo Morales Santos Research Building.
Recently, the University of Santiago de Chile received a visit from the General Director of the Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei, Taiwan in Chile, Mrs. Silvia Yu-Chi Liu, and from the first secretary in charge of scholarships from the same office, Óscar Lin. The Rector Dr. Rodrigo Vidal Rojas was the one who received the delegation at Casa Central.
The vice-rector of Public Engagement and Outreach, Dr. Patricia Pallavicini Magnere, and the director of Usach International, Fernando Olmos Galleguillos, also participated in the meeting that was the prelude to the informative session "Opportunities for Study in Taipei | Taiwan", an activity that later carried out in the auditorium of the Rector Eduardo Morales Santos Research Building.
Rector Vidal was in charge of welcoming the representatives of Taiwan, while Director Yu-Chi Liu thanked them for their kindness and mentioned the interest of their diplomatic representation in collaborating with the University of Santiago. He highlighted three scholarships that his office wanted to make known specially: Study Scholarship (with a maximum limit of 5 years), Mandarin Language Scholarship (for an extension of 6 months), and Scholarship for Academics (to travel to Taiwan to study and research on specific topics).
In this regard, the director Yu-Chi Liu highlighted that the academic year in Taiwan begins in September, so all the selection processes end in June-July. This means that application stages will close in May, specifically, on May 15. Interested students and academics should apply directly at the Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei, Taiwan in Chile, while the role of USACH, through the Department of International and Inter-University Relations, is to provide information and guide the process.
Finally, the representatives of the USACH and the Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei, Taiwan in Chile talked about the film cycle that is being coordinated by the Vice-Rector for Links with the Environment, through its Extension Department, which would include 5 films by Taiwanese auteurs.
Informative Session: Study Opportunities in Taipei | Taiwan:
The representatives of Taiwan and the team from the Department of International and Inter-University Relations held a second meeting: “Study Opportunities in Taipei | Taiwan”, instance prepared to deliver information to the students of the University of Santiago.
The presentation was given by Óscar Lin, first secretary and in charge of scholarships of the Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei, Taiwan in Chile, who presented testimonials from Chilean students in Taiwan, delved into the available scholarships, detailed the application process and the later steps. Additionally, he encouraged students to apply and commented that the office is always available to answer their questions via email
Finally, the first secretary gave details of the Taiwan Fellowship for advanced studies, for assistant professors and doctoral students (among others). He offered information on assignments, coverage, requirements, applications, and more. At the end of the session, he left space to answer the questions and doubts of the attending students.